Our Commitment


To provide effective and luxurious relaxation and relief for every body


To drive the conversation around medical cannabis by providing science-backed education and to advance healthy lifestyles for conscientious consumers.


We’ve created a clean line of products using plant-based, consciously-sourced, organic ingredients that you’ll feel good putting in and on your body. We only use the best quality ingredients and we go above and beyond industry regulations. We aim to set the bar when it comes to cannabis and hemp products. We know that consumers have a lot of options and it isn’t always easy to make decisions. That’s why we make products that work with you and for you — we’ll help make the decision easy.

From our consciously-sourced hemp to our cold-pressed botanicals, our products are handled with care. Here’s a few facts that will help ease your mind:

  • We use 100% plant-based ingredients (no synthetics here!)
  • All our product are hand made with love and care
  • All of our ingredients are certified-organic when possible and available
  • All ingredients are rigorously 3rd party lab testing on every batch (view our results here)
  • We’ve thoughtful created sustainable packaging to enhance recyclability and minimize waste and plastic pollution

Each decision that we make — from ingredients to process to packaging — is made thoughtfully. Our goal is to keep a harmonious relationship between people, plants, and the planet we share.


We believe in transparency, period. Whether it’s using our voice to advocate for moms who use cannabis, using our social media platforms to discuss the (many!) benefits of high-quality CBD, or triple-batch testing our products, we live our lives out in the open. When we started this company, we knew that we were going to have to be part of the change that we wanted to see in the industry. Speaking up and living out loud — whether its about our products, our consumption habits, our beliefs or our lifestyles —  is a vital aspect to the success of our company and the success of the cannabis industry as a whole.

In a world where 50% of our working society is utilizing cannabis but are terrified to start the conversation, we’re here to help. Our efforts contribute to destigmatizing cannabis use and ensuring that we’re helping to create an industry of responsible consumers.


What IS CBD? Can CBD make you high? Is CBD addictive? Can you overdose on cannabis oil? Are hemp and CBD the same thing?

The CBD space is relatively new (and unregulated), and Google has way too many answers. You shouldn’t have to spend hours online to figure out how to use CBD, what the (endless) benefits of cannabis are, or how to dose responsibly. We use our website, our social media, and our blog posts to educate both the canna-connoisseurs and the canna-curious, because we want our customers happy, healthy, and high (if they want to be).

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