Not All CBD Products are Created Equal: The Importance of High-Quality CBD

Sep 21, 2021

In 2019, a new product category was seen on store shelves, providing Americans a new option for managing their health and wellness. The year before, The Farm Bill made hemp derived from CBD legal for manufacturing and sale across the country.

This big move that legalized the previously prohibited cannabinoid led to a “CBD craze” where thousands of brands emerged, eager to get a piece of the cannabis pie. CBD became available within specialized shops, pharmacies, department stores, online, and even at gas stations!


The Downside of the Legalization of CBD

While the legalization of CBD solved the problem of access to this formerly forbidden cannabinoid, consumers were faced with an onslaught of products that claimed various health benefits. Unfortunately, because the market grew without the regulation of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, poor quality products hit the market that were misleading or even potentially harmful to consumers.

The CBD industry quickly became the target of many class action lawsuits ranging from issues of mislabeling products, false advertising claims, and including THC in supposedly THC-free products. This, coupled with the heavy stigma that already exists around cannabis, fueled a certain degree of mistrust around the cannabinoid.

Restoring Trust in Hemp and CBD Companies

MATCH CANNA is proud of the quality of our products, and we strive to be the brand that new and existing consumers of CBD can trust. After trying other products on the market, we recognized that providing quality CBD starts with quality ingredients, coupled with company transparency and consumer education. 

Leaning on Christina’s experiences in research and aesthetics, we began formulating cannabis products to assist our families in their pain management journeys. With her background in sports medicine and massage, Maggy was looking for additional ways to assist her clients that were dealing with chronic pain and inflammation. When she began incorporating Christina’s cannabis oil into her practice and witnessed the results, she knew she’d found the answer. 

Our family members and clients experienced such noticeable benefits that they encouraged us to bring our product to others, so they too could experience what CBD has to offer.

MATCH CANNA’s products are the culmination of a journey of education in the space, trial and error in product development, and collaborating with experts in the cannabis industry to produce a line of luxurious, high-quality CBD products.


Choosing High-Quality CBD: Basic Guidelines

When exploring CBD, we encourage all consumers to be conscious and informed. This involves getting to know the who, what, where, how, and most importantly the
WHY behind the CBD products they’re putting into their bodies.

Here are some basic guidelines for choosing high-quality products to ensure you get the best experience from using CBD for your health and wellness.

Sourcing of Hemp

A good CBD product starts with high-quality hemp. The quality of hemp is affected by several factors, including the physical environment in which it’s grown, the quality of the soil/medium, the nutrients used, whether pesticides are used, how it’s harvested and cured, and the measures taken to preserve the quality of the flower once it’s trimmed.

The hemp from which MATCH CANNA extracts CBD is 100% California-grown utilizing responsible cultivation practices. We do our due diligence when sourcing our raw materials, including building direct relationships with the farmers who grow our hemp. We closely analyze the Certificates of Analysis (COAs) of our raw materials to guarantee that what we put into our products is pure, consciously-grown hemp free of pesticides and other potentially harmful compounds.

The botanicals that we create intentionally and use in our products are all certified organic, grown by the sun.


Understand How Products are Made

While many companies won’t give away their trade secrets, transparency when placing a product in or on your body is key. Understand how CBD is extracted and ensure that Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are available to show no potentially harmful residual solvents from the extraction process are in your products.

MATCH CANNA uses butane hash oil (BHO) to extract the cannabinoids from hemp and diligently-sourced CBD isolates (with COAs) to formulate our products. We use the perfect blend of organic botanically-infused oils to ensure the product’s bioavailability, absorption, and maximum uptake. Our products also contain Vitamin E and oleic acid for faster uptake both sublingually and topically. Our topical products are blended to perfection so they don’t feel greasy or sticky after application

Using this special blend of oils ensures that the body absorbs the concentration of cannabinoids as displayed on the label; if CBD extracts are paired with the wrong carrier oil, the product may be ineffective.

Our sun-grown botanicals we use are cold-pressed by hand after undergoing an eight-week cold-infusion process. What results from our unique cold-pressed process is a product that preserves the integrity of the plant; both cannabinoids and terpenes remain fully intact, providing maximum benefit from the hemp plant.


Transparency & Access to COAs

Brand transparency is extremely important when assessing the potential efficacy of a CBD product. If you can’t easily access a CBD product’s Certificate of Analysis (COA), stay away from it. A Certificate of Analysis displays information regarding the concentration of cannabinoids including CBD, THC, and other minor cannabinoids; terpene profiles; and a full screening on contaminants, molds, toxins, heavy metals, or any potentially harmful compounds. A COA is also evidence that a product has been rigorously tested for quality and is generally safe for consumption.

A trusted company will display their COAs right on their website to establish the transparency of their products and company right off the bat. By being able to access a COA, customers can see the diligence a company takes creating safe products that will provide benefits to health rather than potentially harm it.


Get to Know the People Behind the Company

Cannabis is such a personal experience, it’s important that consumers are able to see that there are actual people behind a brand who are thoughtfully curating their CBD products. What does a company’s website and social media reveal about them? Does the company have credibility? Are they taking important opportunities to educate their customers about CBD?

MATCH CANNA has been built with a goal of transparency from the beginning. As co-founders, Christina and Maggy want their consumers to get to know their journeys, their story, how CBD has made a difference in their lives, and the reasons they have so passionately pursued the launch of this company. Both Christina and Maggy consider the cannabis plant as the conduit for their passions of helping people find health and well-being.

Through our educational blog, through personal engagement, appearing on podcasts, and going to in-person events, MATCH CANNA provides accessible knowledge on cannabis backed by science. Recognizing that the knowledge base on cannabis and plant medicine is ever-changing, MATCH CANNA stays informed about emerging studies to ensure the continuous improvement of, and innovation within, our products.


MATCH CANNA’s Commitment to Our Customers

Our commitment to our customers is to provide high-quality products from consciously sourced hemp. Our products are made by hand with plant-based ingredients, backed by science, and most importantly, infused with love. We are dedicated to bringing our customers on our own journey of learning as the plant continues to reveal herself to us.

We will not claim that CBD will cure you or that it will prove to be the elixir of life. We can say that CBD has changed our own lives and the lives of those we love. Through MATCH CANNA, we embrace our responsibility to provide safe, high-quality products that are made with high manufacturing standards so that our customers know that they can trust us in what they’re putting into or on their bodies.

Visit our shop to explore our various options of CBD products, including our Extra Strength CBD Tincture and our High Potency CBD Relief Oil. Know that with MATCH CANNA, you’re in good hands as you pursue your health and wellness journey with CBD.

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