Meet Match Canna

Once strangers who became quick friends over a bikini wax, Christina Rivera and Maggy Troup have walked numerous life paths together: first as best friends, then as sisters-in-law, and now as business partners in the luxury CBD company MATCH CANNA.

Both servant leaders, natural helpers, and effective problem solvers, the company emerged as organically as Christina and Maggy’s connection. Desperate to help her husband (and Maggy’s brother) with debilitating back pain, Christina embarked on a six-month journey of researching healing plants and botanicals. What resulted was a formulation that combined cannabis and other cold-pressed botanicals, providing her husband immediate life-changing results.

Maggy, a long-time massage therapist, began to use the CBD formulation on her clients for pain management to even more impressive outcomes, which prompted Maggy and Christina to consider a venture that puts luxurious and effective CBD products into the hands of more people.

By combining Christina’s vision with Maggy’s go-get-er attitude, MATCH CANNA was born as a true collaboration of minds, spirits, and souls. 

The company is powered by blending Christina’s diverse background in Strategic Communications, International Relations and helping people feel their best selves through aesthetics, with Maggy’s decades-long career in pain management and helping people reconnect with their bodies through massage therapy. 

Using fully organic products, including botanicals that have been pressed by Christina’s own hands, MATCH CANNA’s goal is to use CBD to find effective and luxurious relaxation and relief for EVERY body with thoughtfully created, plant-based products that are rooted in nature and backed by science. 

Considering themselves the yin to each other’s yang, Christina and Maggy blend their complementary skills to work towards a future where CBD and cannabis are de-stigmatized and seen as a viable, evidence-based option for pain management, anxiety, and other health concerns.



Maggy is a bodyworker, kinesiologist, educator, and entrepreneur. She spent over two decades as a massage therapist before co-founding and launching MATCH CANNA in 2020. With a degree in Kinesiology, Maggy specializes in helping her clients connect with their bodies and relieve their pain. She has taught and developed curriculum in Sports Massage, Advanced Anatomy, and therapeutic massage practices. 

As Maggy deepended her work with clients, she observed the majority of her clients suffered from chronic discomfort and inflammation; many of them complained they had limited options when it came to managing their pain and often felt overlooked. A bohemian at heart and a product junkie, Maggy has been utilizing cannabis for chronic pain, anxiety, muscle aches, and relaxation for years. After researching and experiencing a myriad of benefits and relief from using cannabis, incorporating it into her massage practice was a no brainer. 

With her business partner and mastermind behind the formulation, the first product they created was a blend of cold-pressed and botanically infused cannabis oil that combats chronic symptoms and relieves pain. Maggy has seen first hand what this Mother plant can do and she is dedicated to helping create conscious consumers and advance healthy lifestyles through advocacy and education. 



Christina is a researcher, a connector and an entrepreneur. She’s an aesthetician by trade, a perfectionist by nature, and a cannapreneur by accident. For the last ten years, she’s created her own products by tapping into the healing properties of plant medicine. A few years ago, she began experimenting with cannabis while developing a topical oil targeting pain and inflammation; the product became the foundation for MATCH CANNA. 

The realization of how powerful cannabis is when harnessed in the right way, Christina embarked on a journey to create an effective product using only the cleanest, purest, simplest ingredients. Christina has spent years perfecting her formulation for MATCH’s topical pain reliever, and recently expanded the line to include sublingual oils designed to improve whole-body health by reducing anxiety and depression and relieving pain. 

Strengthened by her friend-turned-sister-turned-business partner, Maggy, who specializes in chronic pain management, MATCH CANNA aims to drive the conversation around the benefits of cannabis and they use their platform to educate and advocate for responsible consumers. 

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